January 9, 2019 – National Law Enforcement Day

January 9th, 2019 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. It is a great day to thank officers for their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families as they serve across our nation.

WSFA has a video on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Take the time to thank a law enforcement member today.

The author, Carl Buhler, is an Air Force veteran.

The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation

American Legion photo - post by Carl BuhlerImage By:  Lucas Carter (The American Legion)

Helping those in need is what the American Legion aims to do by establishing the American Legion Veterans and Children Foundation. This foundation was established in October 2018 to “advance the organization’s continuous efforts to assist disabled veterans and military parents in need for decades to come” according to the American Legion.

To create the foundation, the Legion’s National Executive Committee approved a proposal to change the name of the American Legion Endowment Fund, which was established in 1925, to a name that is more representative of the Legion’s current mission.

The Legion also began a fundraising drive to increase funds in the foundation, while simultaneously setting a $25 million goal. Funds raised for the foundation are tax-deductible and can be made at www.legion.org/donate. Also, for more information on this foundation, please visit the following website.

The author, Carl Buhler, is a US Air Force retired Brigadier General and CEO of Buhler Consulting, LLC which specializes in providing consulting services across the aircraft maintenance, logistics, supply and production areas. Carl is a member of several veteran support organizations and a proud member of the American Legion.